' Meet the Chefs for A South You Never Ate: Brandon MacConnell - Chatham Vineyards on Church Creek



Meet the Chefs for A South You Never Ate: Brandon MacConnell

A South You Never Ate at Chatham Vineyards on Oct. 28 will celebrate the foodways of Virginia’s Eastern Shore along with the culture and stories behind them. This progressive dinner of all tapas includes an open bar with Eastern Shore beer and Chatham wine and a signature surprise cocktail. Twelve chefs have committed their time to crafting two dishes apiece for the small plates that will showcase some of the Shore’s most distinct ingredients.


This is another in our Meet the Chefs series that will introduce an all-star lineup of creative cooks who have committed their time to make this an unforgettable farm-to-table experience.


The scoop on Brandon MacConnell


His bio in a nutshell: The Johnson & Wales graduate worked with local chef Walter Bundy for 10 years before branching out to open Bar West, a casual eatery in the heart of Westhampton, Richmond. Brandon has been a fan of the Eastern Shore since his introduction to the area almost eight years ago. Growing up traveling abroad with his family, Brandon has a passion for exploring numerous cuisines and respective techniques. 

What Brandon loves about Eastern Shore food, culture: “The food on the Eastern Shore is, in its own beautiful way, quaint, yet bold and full of character. Unknown by so many, yet special to everyone that embraces it. From oystermen to sweet potato farmers, the Shore offers a high quality product no matter the ingredient.”


His favorite Eastern Shore ingredient is … “I’ve always been a fan of sugar toads and the wonderful shellfish from guys like Tom Gallivan of Shooting Point Oysters!” 


Etc: “I’m really excited to work with such an amazing team of chefs and enjoy a glass of the amazing Chatham Juice!”

Post By:   Amanda Shortt
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